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The African Export Import Bank (Afreximbank), through its Creative Africa Nexus (CANEX) programme, in partnership with The African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) – one of Africa’s largest and most vibrant film festivals, is excited to announce its ‘Script to Screen’ intervention. This project is a year-long incubator, capacity development and content creation acceleration programme, focused on African filmmakers/producers and writers who are interested in improving their ability to create and deliver quality screen content. 

In the course of the programme, participants will be immersed in a ‘Writers Lab’ anchored by accomplished writers who have attained global recognition in the film industry. The programme will include development residencies, workshops on financial management, business skills, entertainment law and IP and distribution strategies. Participants will also get an opportunity to pitch their projects to international studios and streamers during the programme.  

This film industry development initiative reflects one of CANEX’s core pillars aimed at building upstream capacity within the audiovisual value chain, with a view to enhancing the exportability of African film content. The Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) have become a powerful transformative force in the world today, being among the most rapidly growing sectors in the global economy, in terms of income generation, job creation and export earnings. In this regard, Afreximbank acknowledges the prominent role that some CCI sectors, including the film industry, can play in economic transformation and youth engagement on the continent. 

Against this backdrop, the Script to Screen Film Accelerator Programme aims to achieve these specific objectives: 

1. Train 30 youth in the development of exportable film content 

2. Facilitate the development of indigenous intellectual property 

3. Provide a platform for the associated intellectual property (IP) to be showcased to streamers 

(e.g Amazon, Netflix etc) 

4. Enhance the competitiveness of African filmmakers by providing exposure to cutting edge 

technology and other tools that will enable them grow production quality 

5. Foster the development of Africa’s film development through networking and partnerships 

6. Provide up and coming African filmmakers with increased visibility and recognition 

7. Provide participants with mentoring and related support services. 

AFRIFF Founder and Festival Director, Ms. Chioma Ude, in expressing her gratitude to partners stated, “Over the years, CANEX has been a critical development partner and collaborator of AFRIFF and continues to be a major pilar of support. The possibilities that this collaboration enables, continue to build the much-needed structure and capacity in the African creative industry, as well as amplify the collective values shared by AFRIFF and CANEX in promoting greater creative business opportunities on the continent.” 

Afreximbank through CANEX, recognizes positive developments and notable strides achieved by AFRIFF in its contributions to the growth of the film industry in Africa, as a launch pad for creative talents to connect to opportunities and realize the endless possibilities as their contemporaries around the world. 

To find out more about eligibility criteria, how to apply, and the programme details, please go to the CANEX or AFRIFF social media platforms and the AFRIFF website, Entries and queries  can be sent to  








Given the relevance and opportunities provided by the creative economy as a key driver for development and job creation, Afreximbank has developed the Creative Africa Nexus programme to facilitate the development and growth of the creative and cultural industries in Africa and the diaspora. The initiative provides a range of financing and non-financing instruments /interventions aimed at supporting and developing Africa’s production, trade, and investment in the creative sector. 

The key strategic objectives under the CANEX Programme include: 

• Increasing Africa’s share of global cultural trade flows through trade and investment promotion activities 

• Deploying specialized financial products to support the CCI ecosystem 

• Facilitating technical capacity programs that enable export grade production 

• Facilitating market access to high value demand hubs (through partnerships) 

• Advocating for harmonized regulatory reform especially in relation to IP rights and incentives. 


The Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) conceived by Ms. Chioma Ude is a world class showcase that celebrates Cinema and filmmaking talent from Africa and the diaspora. Over its past ten editions AFRIFF has truly become an exciting celebration of Cinema and filmmaking talent from Africa and the diaspora. It has attained a strategic importance in the film business community in the region. Its contacts and key relationships across Africa, has catalyzed the demand from local and international film business interests for AFRIFF to stand in the infrastructure deficiency gap that exists within the region. It is deliberate in its commitment to foster invaluable exchanges of ideas, production connections, and business relationships that deliver value, build capacity and create wealth. 

AFRIFF’s commitment to the socio-economic transformation of African creatives necessitates proactive collaboration  and strategic relationships that leverage every opportunity to invest in promoting greater  voice and expression for content makers on the continent. our core goals are to build capacity locally and create a “Skills” revolution that will immensely impact the economic fortunes of African creators. In the last decade, AFRIFF has imparted positively to the huge success of films and film practitioners in Africa while consistently training new talents towards consistent growth for the near future. 


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