Abbysinyan homes
Abbysinyan homes
Abbysinyan homes
Abbysinyan homes
  • July 28, 2023 6:45 am
  • 2RFR+G3J, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Hi my name is Abel Tadesse I am a real estate agent at Ayat real state Ayat real estate is offering apartment and shops with amazing return on investment and amazing for living we have 3 apartment site with different types of payment plan and apartment types and also we are building Africa’s second biggest mall with different size with amazing bossiness opportunity

‼️በኢትዮጲያ ትልቁ የገበያ ማእከል ሱቆች ሽያጭ‼️

🔶️መገኛዉ ብዙ ነዋሪ ባለበት ሲ ኤም ሲ ሚካኤል

🔶️ከ 3000 በላይ ሱቆች

🔶️በ 240,000 ካሬ ስፋት

🔶️ከ 50,000 በላይ ነዋሪ ያለበት የአፖርትመንት መንደር ከጎኑ እየተገነባ ያለ

🔶️100,000,000 በላይ የቀን ግብይት

🔶️ለማንኛውም አይነት ግብይት የሚመች

🔶️በቂ የሆነ የመኪና ማቆሚያ ከበቂ ጥበቃ ጋር

‼️እስከ 30% ቅናሽ



  • Property Type: Shop
  • Size: 20sq


  • 1) its the biggest mall in ethiopia it atttracts a lots of customers
  • 2) its next to our apartment village so they are also customers
  • 3)offers up to 30% discount


2RFR+G3J, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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