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Win32.Zafi.D Cleaner – lightweight and portable application for the elimination of the Zafi virus.
Publisher’s description:
Win32.Zafi.D Cleaner is a feather-light and portable application you can use to scan your computer for the Zafi malware agent and remove files infected with it. This is a worm that infiltrates computers via mass-mailing.
Portable application
The tool’s not wrapped in a setup kit. Instead, you can download and copy the program files to a custom directory on the disk or save them to a USB flash drive, in order to seamlessly launch Win32.Zafi.D Cleaner on any PC.
It doesn’t change system registry settings, need DLLs or other components to function normally, nor does it add new entries to the system registry without letting you know about it.
Simple interface and options
As far as the interface goes, the tool adopts a standard window with a straightforward interface and neatly structured layout, where you can pick the preferred local drive to scan or take into account all fixed drives, depending on whether you’re aware of the worm’s whereabouts on your machine.
The infected files are listed in this area as soon as they’re found, and any selected items can be cleaned with the click of a button. System restart may be necessary to finalize the procedure, depending on the severity of the infection. There are no other noteworthy options provided by this app.
It left a small footprint on the computer’s performance in our tests, thanks to the fact that it needed a low amount of CPU and RAM to work properly. No error dialogs popped up and it didn’t freeze or crash, as expected from such a compact utility.
Version tested: 1.02
Download link:

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The professional network management software application that works on all kinds of PC without requiring a third party hardware.


Freeware, do not use it for commercial purposes.

Program features:

Use of the application does not require a knowledge of programming and network development, in addition, it can be used by companies and individuals.

The program allows you to create your own VLAN and configure a system on your PC.

Disabling the IPv4 and IPv6 addressing scheme, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, or all of these 384a16bd22

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Filetype: allaudio
File Extension:.mp3
File Format: Sound Effects for Chrome

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// QSColor.m
// QSPlugIn
// Created by Sergey Dmitriev on 11/28/15.
// Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

#import “QSColor.h”

@implementation QSColor

– (NSArray *)colors {
return [NSArray arrayWithObjects:
[NSColor orangeColor],
[NSColor redColor],
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How to clean sticky ceiling tile?

We have a yellow painted ceiling. There are several holes in it and it has dried out.
What would be the best way to get it off? Do we need to drill the holes out or will a couple of screws do it? What should we use to keep the water off it?


We’ve recently had this issue in our house. We’re still in the process of fixing it, so I’ll try to describe our situation.
The type of “ceiling” that you’re talking about is called drywall. It has some serious limitations (which will be addressed below). The issues that you’re seeing are because your ceiling is drywall.
I’m going to use “drywall” to mean “any kind of ceiling, be it sheetrock, plaster, whatever. It’s all drywall.”
Drywall has a very limited ability to insulate (although some brands claim to have a better insulating ability). So if your drywall gets

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